Pinnacle Mediation Logo Rebrand - Creative Fields

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Creative Fields recently completed a logo rebrand project with Pinnacle Mediation of Calgary. After consulting with the client, she expressed some ideas that she wanted to follow, one of which being a Celtic Knot design. Another aspect she wanted to highlight in the redesign is that there are three elements in mediation, the two sides trying to meet in agreement and then a mediator that tries to resolve the issues between the two. Taking these into consideration, a number of prototypes where constructed, along with some completely different off-the-wall variations as well.

Here is the old version of the brand…



Using a Venn diagram approach, the logo began to take further form. Two concentric circles were combined within the three conjoined circles meant to signify the process of mediation.



The logo was beginning to take hold, with the inclusion of a Celtic Knot.

Pinnacle_Logo_Protoype_2Further refinements were made including some lighting highlights…


In order to get away from the appearance of a face in the inner area of the logo, the last change came about to resolve the logo in its final form to which the client was very happy with. The next phase for the brand now that print letterhead has also been produced will be to redesign Pinnacle Mediation’s website.