Greg Marshall established Creative Fields in 2013 as a brand to represent his work, creative skills and background as a freelancer with over 18 years of industry experience and knowledge in the areas of animation, motion graphics, visual effects, 3d visualization, editing, art direction and graphic design.
A good starting point is to work from the essentials. What’s at the core of the brand?  What is the most efficient and engaging way to achieve this? Successful design really stems from the form and function of the subject matter through efficient and innovative ideas. Once a framework is established with the client, the groundwork and creative process can be determined resulting in the best approach to the project.
High production standards are a must and are brought to every project to ensure that each undertaking is committed to a professional philosophy. The integrity of every project is held under direct freelance authorship, from the widest of scope down to the smallest detail.
Integrated within the media arts industry and community in Calgary as a freelancer with a significant contact base that can also assist in project requirements that may extend beyond the area of motion graphics – connecting with a network of freelance DOPs, writers, producers and directors.

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