With over 17 years in motion graphics, Greg Marshall of Creative Fields carries a wide range of services in motion graphic, 2D and 3D animation skills, adding production value, design and finesse to your project. Whether your project or campaign is independent film, television, corporate video, web video, or print related, unique solutions can be tailored to fit your budget.  If you or your company is looking for a brand and logo strategy it can be developed and designed from the ground up or provide consultation to your present design to enhance your marketing presence.
Software Expertise: Maxon Cinema 4D R17,  Adobe CC2015 – (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Mocha AE, Speed Grade), Synth Eyes, Autodesk Motionbuilder, Toon Boom Animate Pro


3D animation

3D visualization, shading, lighting, modelling, 3D animation, body paint, architectural rendering, motion capture editing and data cleanup, motion capture 3D character retargeting with Autodesk Motionbulder, character rigging and animation

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics utilizing various approaches in 2D & 3D animation


Planar tracking, 3D tracking with Synth Eyes, Mocha AE and Cinema 4D R18, compositing, rotoscoping, image cleanup, visual effects supervising 2D & 3D compositing for visual effects or animated works

Render Farm

Creative Fields has recently significantly expanded its in-house rendering capabilities with a render farm including 8 nodes with high-end dual quad and dual hexacore Xeon Dell & HP workstations totaling 70 physical cores or 140 CPU threads, and a combined total of 248 GB of ECC 1333 MHz RAM. This significantly increases project range and complexity through the power of cluster computing, enabling high-end 3d visualization, including 3d physical depth of field camera global illumination (GI) rendering and visual effects, using Corona and VRAY render engines.

Art Direction and Design

Services in project art direction, branding, broadcast show opens, broadcaster branding, fall launch packages, project integration, illustration

Website Design

Website production and design with WordPress.

Print Media

Print material can be provided for projects such as magazine and picture book layout, newspaper ads, billboards, sales presentation folders, brochures, reports, business cards all available with a wide variety of print options and samples

Set Design

Design and implementation of television backdrop builds, often with F & D Scene Changes as manufacturer


Pre-visualization, story boarding, treatments


A partly animated documentary is currently in production under a Film and Video Project Grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Production Access through EMMedia. This is personal project that has been in development and production over the past few years.


Design instruction, software instruction in most CC2015 Adobe Programs, and Cinema 4D. ISW certified at SAIT Polytechnic, Fall 2013. 2 years experience in instruction in video production and editing for 2nd year Photojournalism students at the School of ICT, as well as various software and design courses in Continuing Education at SAIT Polytechnic.